Three common sense galvanized steel pipe

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After long-term research and experiments, hot dip galvanizing has the advantages of long durability, high industrialization and stable quality. Therefore, 3 inch galvanized square steel tubing it is widely used in outdoor steel structures that are subject to atmospheric corrosion and are difficult to repair. Hot dip galvanizing is widely used in power towers, communication towers, railways, highway protection, streetlight poles, marine components, building steel structural components, substation ancillary facilities, light industry, etc.

The galvanized steel pipe is based on a welded pipe and is coated with a layer of zinc for the purpose of preventing rust and corrosion, each of which is 6 m long. Galvanized pipes are divided into hot-dip galvanizing and electro-galvanizing (also known as cold-galvanizing).

One, special point:

Features of hot-dip galvanizing: thick galvanized layer, the latest national standard GB/T3091-2015, it is necessary to ensure the galvanizing capacity of 300g/m2, with uniform coating, strong adhesion and long service life.

Characteristics of cold galvanizing: The amount of galvanizing is very small, only 10-50g/m2, and its corrosion resistance is much worse than that of hot-dip galvanized pipe.

Two, Production Process:

Black parts inspection→hanging→degreasing→rinsing→acid washing→cleaning→dipping assisted plating→hot air drying→hot dip galvanizing→cooling→passivation and rinsing→unloading→inspection, finishing→packaging, transportation.

Three, main use:

1. Fire protection facilities.

Because it has the advantage of preventing rust and preventing corrosion, it is widely used in fire hoses.

The current fire water supply pipe is basically a galvanized pipe. The main body of the fire pipe: mainly used DN100*4.0 and DN100*4.5 international galvanized pipe to reach the pressure of 1.6pa, the national standard regulations are to be used The thickness of the international can be used as the main fire pipe, but in actual use, it can also be according to the actual floor, the actual pressure bearing range, the corresponding thickness can be selected, hot rolled seamless steel pipe factory and the corresponding cost can be reduced! Now whether it is a large number of fire pipes, Or the fire tube in the basement, basically using galvanized pipe, and then coating a layer of paint on the outer layer of the galvanized pipe, so that everyone can see the red fire pipe, which is actually formed by galvanizing pipe processing.

2.Agricultural pipes.

Speaking of agricultural pipes, many people are still very strange. Many people think that many agricultural plants use bamboo wood directly. Nowadays, many people use galvanized pipes directly for agricultural use. They are mainly used to build warm greenhouses for flower sheds. There are columns for making flowers and melons. The most used ones are galvanized tubes with 4 points * 1.7 thickness and 6 points * 1.7 thickness. They have a simple requirement for galvanized tubes to bend, so this material is selected. It is also very important.

3, trachea.

The iron pipe used for gas and heating is also a galvanized pipe.

4, structural tube.

Commonly used steel structure, welding engineering, now many scaffolding plants outside, the former building is welded steel pipe, but the welded steel pipe is easy to rust, in order to prevent rust and a layer of paint, in order to solve this problem, Many new steel structures are now directly using galvanized pipes, which saves time and can be used for a longer period of time. The general welding project will use relatively thin galvanized pipes, generally two levels under the international level, and the requirements for steel pipes are not so high.

5.Water pipes.

In the old houses, the water pipes used in the old houses were all galvanized steel pipes. After a few years of use, a large amount of rust was generated inside the pipes. The yellow water flowing out not only polluted the sanitary ware, but also mixed with the bacteria that grew on the uneven inner wall. The rust caused the heavy metal content in the water to be too high. , seriously endangering the health of the human body.

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