Parking structure is slowly creating

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As the city is assembling quicker and quicker, the utilization level of inhabitants is step by step expanding, and the vehicle degree of consistency is bit by bit expanding, bringing about the lack of parking spots. The “troublesome stopping” is additionally sublimely added to the troublesome arrangement of individuals who are hard to venture out and hard to travel. Particularly in some medium and huge urban communities, the wonder of stopping challenges is especially conspicuous, and questions, for example, arbitrary stops, mayhem, streets, and streets brought about by stopping issues are normal. “Troublesome stopping” has turned into a significant issue in many urban areas in numerous countries.

As of now, it is normal to state that a parking structure is slowly creating, which is a brilliant savvy stereo carport. What is a brilliant stereo carport? The clever stereo carport is a framework that uses a non-contact savvy IC card as a voucher for the vehicle to enter and leave the parking area. Best Parking Equipment System Manufacturer in China ,The propelled picture correlation capacity is utilized to screen the section vehicle continuously, and the enormous LED show screen directs the proprietor to locate the alloted three-dimensional parking spot. Deal with the data of every vehicle and parking spot with stable correspondence and ground-breaking database, and screen the dynamic data of on location vehicle leaving progressively with cutting edge electronic guide. This shrewd stereo carport can explain the wellbeing of existing parking area. Shrouded issues, and can likewise improve the city’s space use.

Parking structure is slowly creating

Stopping is troublesome in light of the fact that the land utilized is off base

At present, China’s customary parking area development still commands. Huge numbers of the conventional parking garages in first-level urban communities still have a generally high extent. Be that as it may, with the expansion of urbanization rate in China, the interest for urban space usage will be increasingly elevated. The development of the parking area will be step by step supplanted by the astute three-dimensional carport on account of its huge space, low space use and high information cost.

As indicated by insights, the space required for leaving 50 vehicles in a customary parking garage is 1,650 square meters, while the shrewd three-dimensional carport is just 50 square meters, which implies that one vehicle can be left every 1 square meter. Besides, from the viewpoint of task cost, the count of 50 parking spots requires about 7.5 million yuan for customary development and 4 million yuan for shrewd three-dimensional carport construction.parking hardware makers. Additionally, specialists said that contrasted and the conventional parking garage, the keen stereo carport will be killed when the vehicle enters the carport, and will be consequently put away by the stereo leaving gear, which decreases the vehicle’s weak and fumes discharges in the carport, and is in all respects earth cordial and vitality sparing. Accordingly, the astute three-dimensional carport has higher space usage rate, lower designing expense, and is more vitality sparing and earth neighborly.

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