New Zealand may have just killed its oil industry

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Recent news from New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced Thursday that the government will “no longer be granting any new offshore oil and gas exploration permits.” She also added “This is another step on our transition away from fossil fuels and towards a carbon neutral economy.”

It means New Zealand will not grant any new permits for offshore oil and gas exploration anymore. Certainly, the center-left Labour-led authorities also explained that the move wouldn’t influence the nation’s 22 of present exploration licenses has been permitted, and any gas and oil discoveries from companies holding those licenses may nevertheless lead to mining licenses of around 40 decades.

I trust this is good measurement and way to help New Zealand itself, and also contribute to the Climate change. Meanwhile, there are some other countries to be affected by the policy New Zealand government made. Norway’s investment has a huge and not good affected to the offshore drilling for oil and gas, at the same time almost 11,000 people’s job also have been affected.

Nevertheless, if you are the supporters to the Norway’s circumstance, then you may change your mind after the speech of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. “We have been a world leader on critical issues to humanity by being nuclear free. . .and now we could be world leading in becoming carbon neutral,” she told university students like this in the country’s capital, Wellington.

Interest in petroleum mining in New Zealand has waned in recent years because of lower international oil prices, using just 1 license issued in 2017, compared to 10 in 2014. But, company and regional leaders stated they were blindsided by the movement and feared that the government was risking work in the NZ$2.5 billion ($1.8 billion) gas and oil market. National opposition Energy and Resources spokesman Jonathan Young explained the decision would only shift production everywhere in the world, although Neil Holdom, mayor of the primary town from the energy-rich Taranaki region, branded it “a kick in the guts.”

Actually New zealand have made significant contribution to the world and following with sacrifice to home, despite there are some issues as remaining. But we trust the climate change will be the critical problem exceeding the business, the trade and the money. Climate change being focused by the most of countries, not only it has influenced to the horizon of sea to raise, but it also take effect to the vegetation around the world; the most important point should be influence to the human.

The horizon of sea raising directly will threaten and harm island country and some residents near the sea. So New Zealand surrounding by sea will focused on climate change as priority.

Vegetation, perhaps the most of vegetation and plants communities can not adapted accelerated climate change, then transferring of adaptability result in suffering the adversity as mass of species extinction

or endangered circumstances. In New Zealand, as a country owning numerous different vegetation species, This is also the reason why they emphasis a lot of ways for weakening climate change.

Climate change to human, human’s health depending on good ecosystem will be effected if climate change speeds up as we do not expect. At the time incidence of disease and mortality will increase, particularly in malaria, cholera, dengue fever and a lot of other contagions. At the present, these contagions mainly is happened in tropic region, however it will be widespread to the middle-latitude regions along with climate change.

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