Base requirements for solar photovoltaic brackets

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As a renewable and clean energy source, solar energy is highly valued. As long as it can properly grasp the relevant utilization techniques, the use of solar energy is very extensive. The most representative of these is solar power technology, also known as the photovoltaic industry, photovoltaic support has become an indispensable part of the development of this industry. In order to ensure the stability of the photovoltaic support, the installation of the base is the most basic part, how to complete it?

When it comes to the installation of solar photovoltaic support bases, there are two main types of installations that are common and commonly used. One is the concrete-based photovoltaic support, and the other is the ground-based photovoltaic support z profile. At present, in China, some of the larger photovoltaic power plants use more concrete-based photovoltaic supports. The reason for this installation is because of cost.

When installing the PV support base, consider various factors, including the requirements of the wind resistance to the support, the distance between the support matrix and the support matrix. In order to ensure wind resistance, the brackets are mostly mixed with aluminum alloy and steel structure, so as to ensure the stability of the solar bracket and ensure the good surface of the bracket.
On the basis of completing the correct installation of the photovoltaic support base, the operation of the subsequent sequence can be further carried out, and finally the photovoltaic system can be normally operated to fully utilize the solar energy.

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